Don’t miss TETRIX token listing on Coinsbit! 🔥

Tetrix Token
Mar 3, 2023

🔥 Don’t miss TETRIX token listing on Coinsbit! 🔥

💥 Dear users, we are glad to inform you that TETRIX ( token will be available on Coinsbit ( on 15.05.2023!

🌐 Tetrix ( is developing a global XTR VR box platform based on blockchain and smart contracts, with the aim of uniting all companies, employees and assets into a single ecosystem that will make this business efficient, transparent and reliable.

💠 TETRIX ( is a TRC-20 project token that is fully compatible with the metaverse augmented reality ecosystem.

©️ Smart-contract:
THG42Uc273Bpqfuz3bCmSHpbCP55PsCvrM (

💵 Pair:

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Tetrix Token

Tetrix Token is a new project aimed at a faster and more secure transaction.